Curricalem Vitae

The actor Igor Ondříček (born 6 November 1971) comes from Prostějov and has been one of the important personalities of Brno theatre for many years. In 1994 he graduated from JAMU in Brno with the role of Fernando de Champlatreux in the then production of the operetta Mam ́zelle Nitouche on mdb boards. In 1994 Igor Ondříček joined the city theatre in Brno, where he remains to this day. Immediately after graduating from JAMU, he also guested at the East Bohemian Theatre in Pardubice (Strakonický dudák, 1994, Divotvorný pot 2006), later he also guested at the National Theatre in Brno in the role of Don Lockwood (Singing in the Rain, 2001) and in prague's National Theatre as Cesar Borgia (Lucrezia Borgia, 2003). A completely different acting experience gave him a guest at the Chamber Theatre At the Table, where he portrayed Macduff in Shakespeare's Tragedy Macbeth. You could also see him at G-Studio in the concert performance of Viva Musical II or Raindrops from Broadway and Viva Broadway Night.

However, he remains faithful to his home stage at the Brno Municipal Theatre, where he has already played a number of great roles, as well as one of his closest and most popular – Cyrano of Bergerac (1997).

A great opportunity for him was Charley's aunt (2007) and a number of other games of world and domestic modernity. Moses in the folk play Moses (2011), Petr Alexandrovich Pahlen in the drama Death of Paul I (2007), Jupiter in Kleist's Amfitryon (2006), Biron in Shakespeare's Vain Love Quest (2001) Ed in The Strange Case with a Dog (2013) etc. We must not forget the legendary French farce Beetle in The Head (1996), which the Municipal Theatre in Brno has had on its repertoire for more than twenty years.

Since July 1, 2003, Igor has been artistic director of the singing game. In addition, for several years he successfully directed the announcement ceremony of the spectator poll Wings and four times won the prize for the most popular actor – for the seasons 1996/1997, 2002/2003, 2003/2004 and 2007/2008. From the directions for the Brno Municipal Theatre it is worth remembering the cycle Cabaret as Brno.

As the head of the singing game, Igor Ondříček began to concentrate on promoting the musical repertoire and also played himself in a number of musicals (Cabaret, 2003; Jesus Christ Superstar, 2005; Witches of Eastwick, 2007; Scoundrs, 2009; Funny Girl, 2012; Evita, 2009; Orpheus in the Underworld, 2006; Bat, 2005; Pope 2012; The Flowers of Horror, 2011; Hello, Dolly, 2010), in recent years the director has also been involved in some productions (Night at Karlstey, 2014). Thanks to the records of the Brno studio of Czech Television, television viewers could meet Igor Ondříček, for example, in the plays SMRT PAVLA I. (2008), Les (1999), Master and Markéta (2001), School of the Foundation of Life (2011), Divá Bára (2014) or the aforementioned BEETLE IN THE HEAD (1998). In the meantime, he has also appeared in several TV fairy tales About a Princess with a Golden Bow (2002), Seven Ravens (1993), A Dream of a Beautiful Virgin (1995), Rainbow Virgin (2000) and in the tv series SINFUL PEOPLE OF THE CITY OF BRNO (CT - 1998), ETHNIC HUMORESKY (CT - 2001), MAMON (HBO - 2015).