The Glass Room

Premiere:  07/02/2015
Igor in role: Hauptsturmführer Stahl

Story of a legendary villa

The whole world admires the beautifully readable and clever novels by contemporary British writer Simon Mawer, a man who also has, completely exceptionally, a link to our town. His novel The Glass Room was nominated for the most prestigious British literature prize – The Man Booker Prize. It presents the life story of Liesel and Viktor Landauer, a married couple for whom an architect builds a modern villa with a huge glass room. This is the villa that went down in the history of architecture as the “Villa Tugendhat”. However, the author is also concerned with the eternal human topic of the search for happiness, dealing with it in a masterful way. It seems that the rich couple with healthy children truly lack for naught, but as is the case in real life, it isn´t like this. Their personal life becomes the main hero in this “glass room”, an international architectural phenomenon around which European history passes from the 1930s until the 1990s. “… the glass area became a glass dream, a dream which suited the atmosphere of the new state in which they lived, a state where it wasn´t important who was Czech and who German and who Jewish, where democracy ruled and where science and art strove together to bring happiness for everyone…” Stanislav Moša’s dramatisation of Mawer’s novel will be staged at the Drama Theatre in Brno as a world premiere.